Vineyard at Sunset

There are several farmstores and roadside stands in SLO County.  Each one has its own unique personality, size and specialty.  However they all share in common that they are local farmers offering what they grow direct to the consumer.  They all give you a chance to experience the setting where your food is grown.

Some of the areas farmstores and roadside stands operate on an honor system.  Others are open regular hours and have someone on site to assist customers.  More often than not it will be the farmers themselves and their families.

In season you will discover an amazing variety of flowers, fruits, nuts, vegetables, honey, eggs & fiber.  You will find their products to be exceptionally fresh and wholesome, with most picked the morning of your visit.  Some family farms specialize in certified organic produce, nursery stock, and free range eggs.  Others use conventional methods, or a combination of both. Some of the stands specialize in old fashioned heirloom varieties of pumpkin and tomatoes.  Decorative gourds and Indian corn are another popular roadside stand offering.

Farmers are more than happy to share with you recipes and information about the produce they sell.  How to store, prepare and preserve the items you purchase.  Learn about the history of varieties and perhaps get to taste sample some you’ve never encountered before.

Many farms offer u-pick berry patches, pumpkin patches, fruit orchards or flower gardens. Some farms also offer locally harvested whole grains like wheat berries, oats and barley.     Some even offer freshly ground whole wheat flour made from hard red winter and soft white wheat.  Many of them have farm animals on site to visit, touch and learn.  You will find that some of the farm stands offer educational farm tours, classes and workshops. 

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