Field of Mustard

Fresh and Wholesome . . . our County has it all!

San Luis Obispo County has many unique microclimates each especially adapted to growing a variety of crops. Our coastal areas are known for citrus and avocados, the Los Osos valley for its rare tropical fruits, and our inlands for wheat, grain and a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables.

We are so very fortunate for what we have growing in our own back yard. The small family farmers in SLO County are able to offer your family fresh and wholesome food. Most small farms use eco friendly, organic, or naturally grown growing practices. These farmers not only want to ensure a safe food supply, they firmly believe in being good stewards of the land and the importance of sustainabilty for future generations.

Wine Grapes

This website was developed as a resource for our community to learn about some of the small family farms in SLO County, and how you can support them. Discover the bounty of SLO County today!

Angus Steers

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San Luis Obispo County is home to producers of fresh wholesome meats, grains, fruits, fiber, plants and vegetables.